We are urgently raising funds for emergency medical evacuation of individuals and their families in Gaza while helping local partners provide baby formula, women’s hygiene products, and food for humans, companion animals and livestock.



We Are All

Rights for all beings and the planet we share

United Commons, the charitable arm of Femmes Mondiales, is a global feminist movement for peace, justice and freedom.

Empower Children

A global movement for peace dedicated to child education, health, wellness, and social and emotional learning (SEL). We encourage connections based on mutual respect, healthy self-esteem, empathy and family honouring.

Intelligent Aid

We provide aid dictated by community needs and direction. We believe stable economies are not built off of charity and our goal, as always, is to become redundant as soon as possible in the communities we serve.

Strengthen Community

We take a bottom-up approach to our programs, working exclusively with local stakeholders embeded in the communities we aim to support. We recognise and center reconciliation, reparations, environment stewardship and justice.


We are delighted to be partnered with Palestinian Animal League in the West Bank, Palestine. Their work acknowledges the connection between animal, human and environmental welfare.  They are currently addressing the urgent needs of traumatised children in the West Bank and Gaza.



“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Volunteers are needed

We are looking for volunteers in creative media (e.g. film, photography, animation, graphic design), performance, literary, and fine arts, social media management, marketing, ECD and education, agriculture, architecture and construction, and fundraising. If none of these are you, please still click below and tell us about yourself. We’d love to hear from you.



  • Project Build

    Land reclamation and home building for displaced women and their children.

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  • Nyara and AWBG

    Business and skills training for women in Atiak.

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  • Organic Farming

    Using traditional farming methods indigenous to the region

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Founder, Holly Elissa, travelled to northern Uganda in 2008. There she met Oneka Richard, former refugee, and together they formed Caleb’s Hope, a Canadian/Ugandan NGO working with displaced women and children affected by the LRA genocide in the remote Acholiland region roughly 17km from the border of South Sudan.



We are only as strong as our community of volunteers and supporters.

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